Competitrack’s parent company, Market Track, is the leading provider of promotion, real-time e-commerce, and pricing intelligence solutions in North America—offering  visibility and insight into competitive promotional, advertising, and pricing activity. At Market Track, we stand behind our data. Our clients need their competitive advertising information to be accurate, timely, and synergistic with complementary data sources. We focus on quality assurance, timely collection of all advertising media, and effective, versatile data structure.

Welcome to the next level of market intelligence.

It all starts with the data. The market is becoming more competitive, more targeted and more complex. If you do not have a robust and comprehensive coverage panel, you may miss competitive promotional activity being tested in select markets. High-quality data, in turn, requires appropriate geographic coverage and deep granularity.

Market Track collects omni-channel advertising from over 1,500 retailers in more than 200 North American markets. In addition to all major print sources, online and opt-in e-mails are also tracked for most major retailers.

To ensure you keep abreast of market dynamics, analysis must be compiled with the right meta data to uncover important trends. Market Track captures the most detailed set of advertising meta data in the industry. This includes various pricing and offer types, pack sizes, granular product descriptions, and more. Our data is configured to easily align with clients’ category and product hierarchies for effective overlay of point-of-sale and other performance information.

As new demographics emerge within marketplace, retailers must adjust their promotional patterns to appeal to different shoppers. Market Track stays ahead of these emerging markets to ensure our clients have all the information necessary for success today and tomorrow.

One such example is the Hispanic shopper segment. The need to understand this segment has increased dramatically over the last decade. Market Track provides ad tracking of Hispanic-targeted promotions in the largest Hispanic markets by population in the US.


Market Track’s proprietary Web-based SaaS promotional and competitive analysis tool is an intuitive application with a vast array of report formats, which places essential advertising information at your fingertips.

FeatureVision® enables users to access the Market Track database to search by category, brand, price range, retailer, market, date or a number of other meta data tags. While powerful in its scope, FeatureVision® is elegant in its simplicity with role-based, one-click reporting.  Certain technology and concepts used on this website are licensed by Market Track, LLC under U.S. Patent # 7,849,083.

The application also includes a digital ad-image archive database with specific report formats, accessible directly from the home page, or via hyperlinks embedded in product detail and summary reports. All of the data and images in FeatureVision® are only one click away from being downloaded to Excel, PowerPoint, Word or PDF.  Market Track’s databases are updated daily with the most recent pricing and promotional information.

Our comprehensive report offerings are easily customized to a user’s individual category, geography and retailer of interest, and enable over 1,500 options to display share of voice, ad schedules, trending, detailed pricing, retailer comparisons and market versions. Any of these reports can be set up as subscriptions and automatically e-mailed to desired recipients. No other company provides the resources to comprehensively track advertising activity so thoroughly and so easily.

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