Competitrack® is Market Track’s competitive ad tracking solution. Competitrack® offers full service competitive ad monitoring with fully integrated creative and ad spending data across 22 traditional and emerging media. Breaking ads are available within hours, spend data is available within 3 days, with granular media spending linked to each creative.

360º view of competitive landscape, with online access to high quality images and detailed occurrence information for ads running across 22 media. Find Out More at
Weekly reporting of key TV, Print, Radio, Online Display and Online Video data 3 days after the close of the week. The fastest data available anywhere. Find Out More at
Custom retail ad tracking, proof-of-performance, and ad content monitoring for use in predictive modeling programs. Available for all monitored media. Find Out More at
Timely, detailed and fully customizable competitive spending. Can be tailored by competitors, lines of business, media, geographic coverage and more. Linked creative and spend. Find Out More at
Download creative from 6 continents and over 60 countries. Multi-country media spending reporting also available on a custom basis. Find Out More at
Competitive creative and spending data for Hispanic, African-American and Asian-American target audiences. Track by company, brand, media channel, language and more. Find Out More at